Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Pastel Painting - "The End of the Season"

This is the first time that I have painted a bird!  I was inspired by a photo that my friend Gordon Pusnik posted on Google+.  It is was such a happy picture, and his description about it being taken on the last day before the weather changed, and the bluebirds headed south for the winter made it even better.  A huge thank you to Gordon for allowing me to use his photo as a reference!

"The End of the Season"  Pastel on board, 11x14
Available through Etsy

Here are a few progression photos:

I like to get some of the darkest colors in right away - 

Getting a feel for the composition and colors...

I was the most concerned about the birds face, so I did that fairly early...

In the reference photo as well as my original sketch, there were red berries - this is about the time that I decided to leave them out...

All done!  

Thanks for looking!